CMG Partners and its affiliates have been in the business of providing liquidity to holders of non-traded securities for over twenty years. We specialize in providing liquidation options for shareholders who own securities that have limited or no trading, thereby providing an option to sell. Through a CMG liquidity offer, shareholders are able to take control of the timing of their investment, rather than having to be subject to a timeframe dictated by others. While our sale offers may not be the option of choice for all shareholders, providing an option to sell where few if any options exist, results in the flexibility to choose. We believe that as more options and flexibility are made available to investors, they are able to determine more freely their own investment horizons.

CMG Offers

CLICK HERE for Cash offer for your KBS II investment.

CLICK HERE for Cash offer for your Hines Global REIT investment.

Simply put, more choices are a good thing.

At CMG, our goal is to provide the most expedient and efficient means for executing sales of such securities, and to provide excellent service and execution to our customers. If you are considering the possible sale of an investment, we would like to have the opportunity to provide you with an alternative.

At CMG Partners, liquidity is what we're all about.
Liquidity. Li-quid-i-ty, (li-kwid-i-tee)

noun. The ability or ease with which assets can be converted into cash.