CMG Offers

Click here for Cash offer for your Cole Office & Industrial REIT (CCIT II), Inc.

You may also contact us directly concerning other tender offers that may be currently available.

We are also interested in, and frequently are buyers of the following securities:

  • AEI Income & Growth XX
  • AEI Income & Growth XXI
  • AEI Income & Growth XXII
  • AEI Income & Growth XXIII
  • American Finance Trust
  • Atel 14 LLC
  • Behringer Harvard Multifamily REIT 1
  • Behringer Harvard REIT
  • Cole Credit Property Trust
  • Cole Credit Property Trust IV
  • Cole Credit Property Trust V
  • Cole Office & Industrial REIT
  • DiVall Insured Income Fund 2
  • Global Income Trust
  • Highlands REIT
  • Healthcare Trust Inc.
  • Inland American REIT
  • Inland Real Estate Income Trust
  • InvenTrust
  • KBS Legacy Apartment REIT
  • KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT 2
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT V
  • Northstar REI
  • Phillips Edison Grocery Shopping Center REIT 1
  • Phillips Edison Grocery Shopping Center REIT 2
  • Realty Finance Trus
  • Steadfast Apartment REIT
  • Steadfast Income REIT
  • Strategic Realty Trust
  • Strategtic Storage Trust
  • Uniprop Income Fund II
  • Summit Healthcare REIT
Please contact us concerning any other security that you may be interested in selling. Chances are, if we are not able to provide you with a purchase offer, we would be able to refer you to another source for liquidity.