CMG Offers

You may also contact us directly concerning other tender offers that may be currently available.

We are also interested in, and frequently are buyers of the following securities:

  • AEI Income & Growth XX
  • AEI Income & Growth XXI
  • AEI Income & Growth XXII
  • AEI Income & Growth XXIII
  • American Finance Trust
  • Atel 14 LLC
  • Behringer Harvard Multifamily REIT 1
  • Behringer Harvard REIT
  • Cole Credit Property Trust
  • Cole Credit Property Trust IV
  • Cole Credit Property Trust V
  • Cole Office & Industrial REIT
  • DiVall Insured Income Fund 2
  • Global Income Trust
  • Highlands REIT
  • Healthcare Trust Inc.
  • Inland American REIT
  • Inland Real Estate Income Trust
  • InvenTrust
  • KBS Legacy Apartment REIT
  • KBS Strategic Opportunity REIT
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT 2
  • Lightstone Value Plus REIT V
  • Northstar REI
  • Phillips Edison Grocery Shopping Center REIT 1
  • Phillips Edison Grocery Shopping Center REIT 2
  • Realty Finance Trus
  • Steadfast Apartment REIT
  • Steadfast Income REIT
  • Strategic Realty Trust
  • Strategtic Storage Trust
  • Uniprop Income Fund II
  • Summit Healthcare REIT
Please contact us concerning any other security that you may be interested in selling. Chances are, if we are not able to provide you with a purchase offer, we would be able to refer you to another source for liquidity.